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  • Getting your truck scale ready for winter

    Our fall truck scale maintenance calls are quick compared to a winter service call to thaw a frozen scale, and much less costly. We have a few tips on what to include in a fall truck scale maintenance plan!Start by thinking about where water flows around the scale, does it have a tendency to pool under or around the scale deck? Is there sufficient drainage? Moisture can also build up beneath the steel scale deck through condensation. Good clearance ( A minimum of 24″) under the scale can help the air circulation and prevent it from forming large icicles beneath

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  • Quick Troubleshooting for Weighing Scales

    Scales not working properly? Here are some tips to easily troubleshoot weighing scale issues before calling a technician and avoid sales calls, some things that can be easily fixed even if you are not scale savvy. Listed below are a few things to check before making that repair call: 1) Are the scale cables all connected and in good shape? A common issue are the cables becoming disconnected or damaged from scales being moved, improper handling, forklifts, or rodents, etc. If your weight is drifting up and down and all over, look for loose cables where they meet the indicator,

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