The Vibra ALE is a precision laboratory balance with many great features, including RS323 to printer connection and battery run option. 6200g capacity and 0.01g readability. Pan size is square 6″3 x 6.3″ and stabilization time is 1.6 seconds.

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The Vibra ALE 6202 is a  user-friendly, compact weighing balance with tuning fork frequency system and a square 6.3″ x 6.3″ pan.

Capacity: 6200g

Readability/ Repeatability: 0.01g

• NTEP Class II to 0.1 g
• Vibra® Tuning Fork Inside
• GLP Compliant
• USB & Con gureable RS232 Interface
• mg, g, ct, lb, oz, oz t, GN, dwt, mommes
• Resistant to Magnetism
• Battery Powered (Batteries Not Included)
• Parts Counting (NTEP for pill counting only),
%, Density, Specific Gravity, Check weighing
(limit function), Animal Weighing,
GLP Compliant Formulation, Statistics,
Accumulation, Below Balance Weighing
• Below Balance Weighing with Optional Kit (special order – lead time is ~2 weeks)


*Current lead-time for balance is 2 weeks on back order*