Vibra HT-224R analytic lab balance with Vibra tuning fork technology.

Internal Calibration using built-in calibration weight

Capacity: 220g x 0.1mg

Resolution: 1/2,200,000

Pan Size: 3.15″

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Vibra HT-224R is a precision laboratory balance/ analytical balance that has an a built-in calibration weight for automatic and semi-automatic span adjustment.

The HT-224R is lightweight and compact making it an ideal laboratory balance

Capacity 220g x 0.0001g (0.1mg)

• Vibra® Tuning Fork Inside
• Bi-Directional RS232
Interface via DIN8 & DB-9
• Reads In: g, mg, ct, oz, lb,
oz t, dwt, GN, mommes
• Counting, %, Density
• Accumulation, Check weighing
• Adjustable Filtering Levels
• CalQuick Single Button Calibration
• Below Balance Weighing
• Resistant to Magnetism
• Fast Warm-up Time

Other Details:

  • Pan size: 3.15″
  • Anti-Static draft shield: 8.25″ high
  • Resolution: 1/2,200,000
  • Tare: Zero to full weighing range
  • 10-30 degrees Celsius and up to 80% rh (without dew concentration)
  • AC Power adapter

    Dimensions: 213 x 290 x 314mm

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