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Quick Troubleshooting for Weighing Scales

Scales not working properly?

Here are some tips to easily troubleshoot weighing scale issues

before calling a technician and avoid sales calls, some things that can be easily fixed even if you are not scale savvy. Listed below are a few things to check before making that repair call:

1) Are the scale cables all connected and in good shape?
A common issue are the cables becoming disconnected or damaged from scales being moved, improper handling, forklifts, or rodents, etc. If your weight is drifting up and down and all over, look for loose cables where they meet the indicator, where they meet the scale, and any power cables. Checking the cables that connect the load cells underneath the scale platform and making sure no cables have been pinched, are frozen or in water, or severed completely. This is more relevant for bench scales, floor scales or truck scales.

2) Is there a build up of ice, dirt or something that is touching the scale underneath it when it is loaded?
When there are objects or buildups beneath the scale platform, it supports the platform when there is weight applied and so whatever is being weighed, will be lighter then it is. This is why it is important to keep it clear underneath the scale platform and inspect the floor and base of the wall before you move a scale onto it to make sure nothing will prevent the scale from moving freely. This is also more relevant for bench scales, floor scales or truck scales.

3) Are all the feet touching the ground and is the scale level? In most cases each corner has a load cell and weight should be evenly distributed throughout those 4 corners. If the weight is not evenly distributed you can have weight discrepancies or even damage load cells if too much weight is applied to one of the load cells. This is important for lab balances or instruments that require really high accuracy.

Is your scale plugged in and switched on?

Scale indicators are highly sensitive to voltage spikes so make sure you unplug your scale during storms or when powering on/off a generator.

There are many issues that can affect these weighing instruments – but just a quick check can prevent any maintenance costs! Knowing where to look is a good place to start and even if you do not know how to repair it yourself, giving the technicians all the information can help them diagnose and repair the scale faster.

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