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Measurement Canada Accredited

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We service scales, new or old, to your needs and government requirements:

As a Measurement Canada Authorized Service Provider, we have a quality systems as per Measurement Canada S-A-01:2017, the guidelines on S-A-01:2017 and how it is used in conjunction with ISO 9001:2015 can be found here.
Follow this link to learn more about Canada’s Weights and Measures Act, what it means to you and why having an accurate scale is important.

If you sell products based on weight – you will require a Legal for Trade Certification. Legal for trade scales have to be extremely accurate to ensure fairness to all parties. Regular calibrations and certifications help to keep those scales accurate. Heavy fines and scale seizures are a result of being caught without a Legal for Trade Certification on your scale, in a situation where you are basing your prices off weight.

Legal For Trade Certifications

The Weights and Measures Act can be found here.