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Getting your truck scale ready for winter

Our fall truck scale maintenance calls are quick compared to a winter service call to thaw a frozen scale, and much less costly.

We have a few tips on what to include in a fall truck scale maintenance plan!
Start by thinking about where water flows around the scale, does it have a tendency to pool under or around the scale deck? Is there sufficient drainage?

Moisture can also build up beneath the steel scale deck through condensation. Good clearance ( A minimum of 24″) under the scale can help the air circulation and prevent it from forming large icicles beneath the deck and onto the load cells or foundation.
Ice build up around the scale can prevent the scale from moving properly – usually resulting in the scale weighing light. High moisture can also lead to faster corrosion of a steel deck so it is ideal to have good 24″ minimum clearance. Debris such as dirt, dust, and plastic can also contribute to trapping moisture under the scale so clear everything out as best you can before winter.
Check the T-Plate, does it fit properly? Is it efficient at prevent dirt and mud from falling through the scale? A rubber strip may help if the t-plate moves a little.

Removing snow from the scale deck is equally important, especially if the sun if turning it all to water and then it freezes in and beneath the scale. Snow blowers are best, as is shoveling. Be cautious using plows, ensure that they will not hit and damage the guard rails or the t-plate. As with any snow removal, timing is important to prevent it from turning to ice melt.

If you would like us to do an inspection and provide recommendations we are happy to do so on your calibration date, or when in the area.

Contact us for more information or book a fall maintenance visit now.

Happy Fall!!